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Surface cleaning is the process of cleaning your concrete with a commercial grade surface cleaner that works to get dirt and other organic growth deep out of your concrete surface. With our professional equipment and mixtures we can give you a deeper, brighter, longer lasting clean than that of other companies as well as doing it yourself can provide. Many “Pressure Washing Companies” as well as homeowners aren't knowledgeable in how to safely and efficiently clean your concrete surfaces. Many “home grade” pressure washers don't have the psi to effectively clean your concrete while others can use harsh pressure with a wand that will permanently etch your concrete. Without the right equipment, knowledge and detergents you can't get a deep enough clean to get out all the dirt deep in your concretes spores causing it to not look as clean and not stay clean as long.

Reasons to Clean Your Home

➤ Clean concrete drastically changes your homes curb appeal from dark and dirty to bright and clean.

➤ Dirty concrete is a slip hazard from the build up on top of your concrete and in your concretes spores.

➤ Clean concrete will protect your concrete from cracking.


Here at American pressure Solutions we strive to give our customers top of the line results that's why we are equipped to handle any problem your concert may have from rust, oil stains to every day build up. We use top of the line equipment cleansers and methods to provide you the best and longest lasting results possible. By utilizing the industry's highest standards of cleaning methods.


We proudly serve Greater Houston Area including the following areas:

Baytown, Friendswood, Houston, La Porte, League City


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