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Your roof protects your entire home and can easily be damaged. If you have mold, algae or other organic growth growing on your roof when it rains it will spread to your siding, gutters and concrete. You might have thought that the “stains” on your roof were just an indication of age and simply look unappealing but the most common growth on a roof is a mold called gloeocapsa magma that is attracted to and eats limestone shingles shortening the lifetime of your roof.

Reasons to Clean Your Roof

➤ Algae can eat through your shingles, then rotting your wood making its way into your attic not only allowing the algae to spread but rain water to be able to get into your attic causing hundreds to thousands to repair and replace.

➤ Your shingles block UV RAYS, when your roof isn't clean it’s not reflecting as well making your electricity bill higher.

➤ A proper roof wash can save you years on your roof and increase your properties appearance and value.

➤ Insurance companies look at roof stains as risks because of the massive amount of damage that could come from it not being clean.


American Pressure Solutions is trained to safely and efficiently clean your roof. We have specific soft washing equipment designed specifically to provide low pressure similar to a water hose, not to be confused with a regular pressure washer.. That is how we ensure no damage is caused to your roof or home while still providing a long lasting beautiful clean. The cleaning and killing of the mold and algae (gloeocapsa magma) is all done with our effective cleaning solutions that kill all the algae on your roof. We know how to protect your plants from the “Spray off” and we take the time to take all safety precautions to protect your plants and exterior.


We proudly serve Greater Houston Area including the following areas:

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