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Frequently asked questions for all your pressure washing solutions in the Greater Houston area.

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Q: Soft washing vs pressure washing

Answer: There are many surfaces that you can't just use a pressure washer on, such as stucco and roofs. American Pressure Solutions has the training, knowledge and professional soft wash equipment to clean your extra sensitive surfaces. A soft washing machine uses low pressure similar to a water hose to safely clean your extra sensitive surfaces to prevent any damage while using our knowledge, skills and professional grade detergents to give your property a long lasting professional clean.

Q: What is soft washing?

Answer: Soft washing is a no/low pressure based type of cleaning where cleaning agents are applied to an exterior surface and left to swell for 10-15 minutes then rinced with no/low pressure to remove organic infestation on brick, stucco, vinyl, hardy board, wood, asphalt shingles, clay shingles and any material that would be otherwise damaged by the use of high pressure.

Q: What is the difference in pressure washing and power washing?

Answer: Pressure washing is the use of a pressure washing machine using cold water to clean certain materials such as concrete. Power washing is the use of a pressure washing machine with hot water to help the emulsification process happen on areas such as oil, hydrolic fluid and chewing gum.

Q: Are you insured?

Answer: Yes we are insured with 1 million to 2 million and are licensed in the state of Texas.

Q: What other things can you clean?

Answer: We offer just about any exterior cleaning service you could want or need, we can do playgrounds, recreational vehicles such as boats and RVS.

Q: Why should we choose your company?

Answer: We have spent years perfecting our techniques and continuing our education on the industry and best ways to give our customers the safest long lasting clean their property deserves. We go the extra mile to ensure NO damage occurs to your property or its surroundings. We never cut corners that is why we are licensed and insured to ensure a professionally operated business, protect our customers and ensure their peace of mind.

Q: Why should I wash my roof?

Answer: A roof wash can save you years on your roof because we kill the airborne Algae that feeds off the limestone shingles of your roof. Your roof is also designed to help block up rays from the sun and when your roof is dirty it is harder for your roof to block these. We have a specific roof washing system involving the same soft washing methods we use on homes that will safely and efficiently clean your roof.

Q: Can you clean two story's?

Answer: Yes with our professional equipment and training we can clean 2, 3 and 4 story's.


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