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Pressure Washing and Cleaning Services near me
Pressure Washing Cleaning Services near me

When you need your home or business exterior cleaned, it is extremely important to hire an experienced crew to get it done correctly. American Pressure Solutions offers you professional high and low pressure washing services for just about any residential and commercial property. Mold, mildew, dirt, and algae grow on many different surfaces on your home or business such as their exteriors, driveways, sidewalks, patios, storefront windows, and more. We are here to protect your investment and keep it looking its best at all times.

Surface Cleaning

Concrete Pressure Washing Services Houston/La Porte, TX

We don’t just remove part of your concrete build up, we remove all of it, We use adequate pressure and degreaser to ensure the deepest clean possible getting out all that stubborn dirt hiding deep in your concretes spores all while using moderate pressure & a professional grade surface cleaning to ensure no scarring occurs to the concrete surface as just using a "wand" with high pressure would do.

Roof Washing

Roof Pressure Washing Services Houston/La Porte, TX

Soft washing your roof can help your roof last longer killing Airborne algae (gleocapsa magma) that feeds off limestone shingles. If you’ve noticed the lighter spots by your chimney and vents that’s because zinc and copper are toxic to algae. A roof wash can save you years on your roof and brighten the entire appearance of your homes cub appeal.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Services near me Houston/La Porte, TX

Gutters are cleaned by technicians, all debris are removed and then thoroughly flushed to ensure gutters are working properly. Gutters can hold serious water weight that can damage your gutters and home.

House Soft Washing

House Soft Washing Services near me Houston/La Porte, TX

Washing your home with adequate pressure, soaps & detergents using soft washing method to remove mold, mildew and dirt build up, restoring your home to its original color and beauty. High pressure can blow off siding and force water behind your siding causing serious damage. That’s why hiring a professional will ensure a safe proper lasting clean.

Rust Removal

Rust Removal Washing Services Houston/La Porte, TX

DO YOU HAVE RED OR ORANGE STAINS ON YOUR PROPERTY? WE CAN LIFT THE BUILD UP, NEUTRALIZE IT AND THEN REMOVE IT BY USING PROFESSIONAL TOP GRADE SOLUTIONS. Many off the shelf rust removes contains strong harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good but We can safely remove rust without causing any further damage with our professional products and knowledge.

Wood Restoration

Wood Restoration Services near me Houston/La Porte, TX

Thinking of throwing away your old wood patio furniture? Tired of your slip hazard unsightly deck when you're having a barbecue? We can help! Using our soft wash 3 step wood restoration process we can restore your wood surfaces bringing them back to life & to the beauty you once remembered.


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Save Money on Referring Roof Washing Services near me
Save Money on Referring Roof Washing Services near me


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